Get Quality Claim Services Around the Clock

File Your Claim Online

You don't have to call or visit our offices to file your claim. Just go online and you can complete the entire process at your convenience. You can even call us for assistance filing online.

Convenient Claim Options

• Call our office at 610-419-6600 during business hours

• Email after hours or on weekends for a call back.

• Contact Mike directly at 610-554-9151

File Directly With Your Provider

• State Auto Insurance 800.766.1853 or online

• Safeco Insurance 800.332.3226 or online

• Brethren Mutual 800-241-2541 or online

• Lititz Mutual 800.626.4751 or online

• Ohio Casualty Group 800.366.6446 or online

• Foremost 800.527.3907 or online

• MetLife 800.854.6011 or online

• Hallmark Insurance 800-486-5616 or online

• Progressive 800-274-4499 or online

Flexible Options to Fit Your Life

Filing your insurance claim has never been easier than the flexible options from Townsend Insurance. You can call us 24 HOURS A DAY, send us an email and even file claims conveniently online.

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